Drew Cook

Live, Labyrinth, Love

Unity 3D


Live, Labyrinth, Love




October, 2022

Live, Labyrinth, Love is a wave-based survival game made by four Michigan State University game development minor students for MI 445, based around the theme "You are the monster"!

- Created in Unity by a team of 4 MSU game design students in MI445.

- In 7 weeks, designed and published a wave-based action game, where the player defeats grunts as a minotaur in a modular labyrinth.

- Designed concept, gameplay loop, labyrinth, VFX, post processing, main menu, and certain UI.

- Worked closely with the lead programmer, co-designer, and artist to design the labyrinth level and implement art assets and prefabs in Unity.

- Won "Best Adaption of Theme" by a panel of MSU game design alumni, professors, and class members.