Drew Cook

Nightmare Runner

Unity 2D


Nightmare Runner


Producer, Lead Designer


September, 2022

Nightmare Runner was made by six Michigan State University students for the Spartasoft Fall 2022 48-Hour Game Jam, based around the theme “Dream”!

  • - Built in Unity by six MSU students.
  • - Worked as lead designer, creating the main gameplay loop of inflicting nightmares upon vital organs around a level, and unlocking the final brain to infect before the timer runs out.
  • - Acted as producer on the project, managing the team of widely varying skill levels and forming scope and implementation decisions.
  • - Created Level 1 as a pseudo-tutorial level, guiding the player and including visual animations to communicate controls and mechanics.
  • - Created Level 2 as an expansion on systems used in Level 1, and implemented UI into Levels 3 and 4, working closely with the lead programmer and technical artist to implement and execute a variety of mechanics and animations in Unity.
  • - Won best art direction amongst a student vote for the Spartasoft Game Jam.