Drew Cook

Shred Mountain: White Out

Unity 3D


Shred Mountain: White Out


Lead Designer


December, 2022

Shred Mountain: White Out is a fast-paced snowboarding collect-a-thon game made by six Michigan State University game development minor students for MI 445!

- Created in Unity by a team of 6 MSU game design students in MI445.

- In 6 weeks, designed and published a snowboarding game with 4 playable zones, a working shop system, and upgrade system.

- Designed concept, gameplay loop, entire slope and scene in Unity, as well as all VFX, post processing, menus, and UI.

- Solo designer of the mountain, level design, and any playable areas in the game.

- Worked closely with the programmers and artists to design the feel of the snowboarding controller and atmosphere of the level, as well as with the sound designer for each sound effect and changing theme in the level.

- Voted "Most Fun" by a panel of MSU game design alumni, professors, and class members.